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South America:

World Environment Day 2022

"Tierra Vivas" Fundraiser 

July 24th

July 2022

Join us as we accomplish a multi activity challenge in the Peruvian andies  covering 17Km, to raise funds for The Rainforest  Trust, which supports the conservation, preservation, and protection of the Rainforests, its people and its species.

Our route will head from the Huaypo Lagoon to Misnimay by bike covering approx 7.5 Km on a moderate level of difficulty rated 3 on a scale of 5. Leaving early in the morning we will bike to the traditional Misminay community to learn about their Andean way of life.

From there we will hike to the community lookout point over 3 km and work our way back down to the Moray archeological site over 2 km for some tremendous panoramic views. The landscape will vary and the hike is rated 3 on a scale of 5.

We will be transported midway to Maras saltpans due to terrain complications and from there we will continue our hike back further down over 4 km to the sacred valley.

With Pachamama, meaning "Mother Earth" in ancient Quechua language, we hope to inspire a whole family approach towardsrairing awareness and giving alongside those organizations working towards a better future for one of the world most biodiverse habitats.

This link will take you to the official Rainforest Trust Fundraising page. Thank you 

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The Ubuntu Family Initiative
"A Cookbook of Memories" Project 

June 2022

The Ubuntu Family Initiative are proud to launch their newest project called the "Cookbook fo Memories" where they will share a sensory account of their travels. 


New School Supplies 
May  2022

The Ubuntu Family Initiative we are invested in the future at Korando and with our online art classes becoming part of the curriculum we made special care that our pupils had the school and basic sanitation needs they needed ahead of the new school year. 



Online Art Classes and School Curriculum
May  2022

The Ubuntu Family Initiative online art classes started out as part of the school holiday extracurriculars but have now become part of the school year curriculum, we have so far worked on Wildlife, Water, Peace and Earth day themes swell as portraits, cities and patterns, nature and easter themes. 


South East Asia: 
Book Week Children Library project
May 2022

As the Ubuntu Family Initiative we understand the value reading and so therefore have contributed towards the Elma Sambour Village primary library with 100 books for children aged between 5-9 in Khmer and English in honour of Book week.

PHOTO-2022-04-05-10-38-04 2.jpeg


South East Asia: 
Online Art Classes
May  2022

The Ubuntu Family our online Art classes have caught on and we are now giving them online to the children at the Elma Trust Primary School in Sambour Village Siem Reap.


The Ubuntu Reports
Podcast and Invitation to the LFB Radio Channel
Episodes 2 Reforestation   
May 2022

As we continue to share important facts on global issues,

the Ubuntu Reports have been invited to Broadcast their reports in French over the Lycée Francais de Barcelone Radio Channel over the course of the next four weeks covering the past episodes on "The decline global species", "Reforestation" and future schedule episodes on "Our Oceans and Microplastic" and "The Importance of Bees".






To listen to further episodes please refer to our resources page.


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Episode 2 Facts - Reforestation


The Ubuntu Reports
Podcast Launch
Episodes 1 Introduction
and The Global Decline of Species   
April 2022

The Ubuntu Family Initiative and in honor of Earth Day, we have also launched the first in our series of Podcasts where we will be talking about Conservation and Biodiversity.

friday 22 .png
Episode 1 Introduction - The global decline of species
Episode 1 Facts - The global decline of species
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Africa  : 
Earth Day 22
Photography Exhibition 
Memories from the Masai Mara
"Walk for Wildlife" Kenya, Africa 

April 2022

The Ubuntu Family Initiative are happy to share our memories from the Masai Mara "Walk for Wildlife" in the hope to raise awareness for Conservation and Biodiversity amongst the generations studying at the Lycee Francais of Barcelona.


Africa  : 
"Walk for Wildlife" Fundraising Certificate from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  
March 2022

The Ubuntu Family Initiative are happy to share that our "Walk for Wildlife" fundraiser was a great success and we raised €1045 in aid of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and their life saving projects. 




Africa : 
World Wildlife Day 2022  
"Walk for Wildlife" Fundraiser 
March 12th to 14th, 2022

Photo Courtesy of

Join me as I walk through the Mara over the course of two days covering approximately 24Km, a little over the distance of a half marathon accompanied by a Guide, hoping to raise funds for The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which supports the conservation, preservation, and protection of wildlife and habitats. 

On the first day, my route will head west from Kicheche Valley, trekking across several beautiful valleys covering 10Km before arriving at the fly camp on the Western side of Naboisho Conservancy - 52,000 acres (210 km2) of private land dedicated to wildlife conservation - where Olivia will be waiting for me. We will be camping in a tent in the wilderness before I set off at dawn the next day, continuing the journey on foot in the cool morning, uncovering points of interest throughout the journey along the escarpment and Seketa Valley of Olare Motorogi Conservancy. This walk will cover approx 14 Km until I reach the Bush Camp where my trail will end.

With Naboisho, meaning "Coming Together" in the Maa language, we hope to inspire a whole family approach towards giving alongside those organizations working towards a better future for both wildlife and mankind.


This fundraiser has now succesfully ended.


Poster Courtesy of The sheldrick Wildlife Trust 


Africa : 
School Building Expansion


Photo Courtesy of Better Me Kenya



Africa : 
Supplies Delivered for the Online Art Classes
January 2022

As the Ubuntu family Initiative, we believe in the importance of Art in child education, and we will be kicking off online Art classes with the Children at the Better me Kenya, with our first-class taking place during our visit over the beginning of March. 

Photo Courtesy of Better Me Kenya


Africa  : 
Child Education and Family Support February 2022

As the Ubuntu family Initiative, alongside Belinda's education sponsorship, we have also started taking on Monica's through the collaboration with the Better me Kenya. Monica is 11 and was welcomed with a care package on behalf of Olivia. 

We look forward to meeting her in person in March. 

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Photo Courtesy of Better Me Kenya


Photo Courtesy of Elma Primary School


South East Asia : 
School Garden Expansion Project
February 2022

As the Ubuntu family initiative, we know that school garden programs play a vital part in the learner's diet where food security is relevant. We have contributed towards the expansion of the Elma School garden connecting further students and their families directly to the fresh produce. We took advantage of our growing garden to ask the children what they would imagine it to be.


Africa : 
Environmental Conservation and Water Scarcity
January 2022 

As the Ubuntu family initiative and with the through the Water Project, we believe in keeping water running, the Ikoli Primary school is in need of two water catchments, latrines and handwashing stations in order to help the 963 students healthy and in school focusing on learning in a cleaner, safer environment.


Photo Courtesy of The Water Project 

Image by Glen Carrie

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash -Glen carrie 


Wildlife Conservation
January 2022  

The Ubuntu Family Initiative is passionate about the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Orphans’ Project, which rescues and rehabilitates orphan baby elephants. Previously we adopted two orphans in their care, named Roho and Kinyei.  To continue our support of this project, this year we have chosen instead to adopt two younger calves, Kerrio and Rokka, who are both a year old and were rescued under unfortunate circumstances. You can also help support these orphans by joining the SWT’s Adoption Program, for as little as $50 a year.


Online Book Reading and Library

January 2022 


As the Ubuntu family initiative, we recognise that the school library is important for intellectual development, for the social and cultural growth of students as they grow up in complex circumstances and have put together an online library of our favourite books for children 8 to 12 to support the English tutoring in place at the Elma school in Sambour village. 



South East Asia: 
School Transport Project 
January 2022

As the Ubuntu family initiative, we have donated four bikes to the Elma Trust Sambour Village primary school in the hope to ensure security on the road and help their students get to school faster. 

Photo Courtesy of the Elma Primary School


Online Music Classes
September 2021

There is Music in every child! As the Ubuntu family initiative, we have sponsored the creation of a music class sending five roll up - 61 key pianos to the Better Me Kenya school in Kisumu and have started online piano lessons through the finger technique. 

PHOTO-2021-11-02-04-20-36 2.jpeg

Photo Courtesy of Better Me 


Photo Courtesy of Better Me Kenya


Dressing Children "One Piece at a Time"

May 2021

As the Ubuntu family initiative, we have been collecting and sending gently used clothing from those around us, so the children and teens feel empowered today and into the future.


Africa :

Online Cooking Classes 

May 2021

Basic cooking classes are underway,

As the Ubuntu family initiative, we have committed to teaching the girls and boys at Better Me Kenya a number of Basic Recipes over the course of three months. 



"Smiles" down the Nile 
April 2021

Understanding child “multidimensional” poverty in Egypt,

As the Ubuntu family Initiative our objective is to travel down the Nile reaching those most remote with basic need packages. 


Africa :
Child Education and Online Extra 
March 2021

Send a child where she wants to go, and you will see her best place,

As the Ubuntu family Initiative, we have started a collaboration with the Better Me Kenya charity where we sponsor the education of Belinda but have also found ways to further contribute, taking an active role in supporting her and her peers by interacting with them regularly during after school hours with online activities. 



Image by Mathis Jrdl

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash - 

Africa :
Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

January 2021

Poaching continues to pose a significant threat, but many elephants face an even bigger challenge, that of human-wildlife conflict, 

With less space to share, people and animals now come into direct contact at an alarming rate and often with deadly results.

Big Life employs hundreds of local Maasai rangers to protect the Greater Amboseli ecosystem in collaboration with local communities.

In our pursuit to protect, as the Ubuntu family initiative, we are contributing towards the Big Life Foundation and their ranger program to maximise their impact. 


Africa :
Environmental conservation and Water Scarcity

January 2021 

Isakara spring serves the 175 people in Imbiakalo Community situated to the northwest of Nairobi. Our objective as the Ubuntu family initiative is to contribute towards with the help of the Water project to the protection of the spring allowing for cleaner, safer water and better access to it. 


Photo Courtesy of The Water Project 

Image by Wynand Uys

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash - Wynand Vys


Africa :
Climate Change Action

January 2021

Desertification, drought, migration and conflict,

The Great Green Wall Movement is more than just planting trees in Africa, 

Restoring their land is a matter of survival for them, 

It's up to us to push forward an African dream beyond that of our own interests. As the Ubuntu family Initiative, we are taking part in this daring vision and contributing towards the 8000 km green wall to be built along the Sahel belt, helping them reclaim degraded lands revitalise their ecosystems and communities for future generations.


Africa :
Environmental conservation and Water Scarcity

January 2021

Meet the girls of Saosi Primary, carrying water to sustain the daily needs of their school. As the Ubuntu family initiative, with the help of the Water Project, we have contributed towards our second water catchment with additional latrines and handwashing stations this time. 


Photo Courtesy of The Water Project 

Image by bill wegener

Photo Courtesy of Unspalsh - Bill Wegener 


Africa :
Covid - 19 Food Security 

May 2019

There is no time to look away,

With access to food grossly unequal, Yemen is on the verge of famine and no end to world hunger without an end to the conflict; the World Food Program works towards food security one sack at a time. 

As the Ubuntu family initiative by contributing towards the WFP, we are supporting them whilst they reconfigure their work to reach 11.6 million children throughout Africa who are no longer receiving their daily school lunches due to restrictions meant to stop the spread of COVID-19.

A reminder that food security, peace and stability go together.


Africa : 
Planting Seeds for the Future
April 2020 

The Earth nourishes us, carries us, teaches us and heals us. It is essential to offer her our attention, respect, awareness and rituals. In honour of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the Ubuntu Family Initiative chose to donate towards the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s tree-planting initiatives in Kenya, with the hope to play our role in the conservation of wildlife for the future generations. We covered the cost of 100 indigenous tree saplings, grown and tended at the Sheldrick Trust tree nurseries, and planted by members of the local Kenyan community to help reforest vital habitats and provide food, shelter and shade for wildlife.

Image by Devi Puspita Amartha Yahya

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash - Devi Puspita Amartha Yahya

Image by mrjn Photography

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash - Mrjn Photography


Africa :
Covid - 19 Water Saniation and Hygiene (WaSH)

April 2020

Water matters more than ever,

With Covid-19 posing an existential threat to Africa as the Ubuntu family initiative, we are now supporting the WaSH - Water Sanitation and Hygiene - a project with the Water Project Charity in order to keep water flowing uninterrupted to those most in need through the water project.


Africa :
Environmental  Conservation
and Water Scarcity 

April 2020

Malinda secondary school in Kenya finally has access to a source of safe and clean water! A project we have been contributing towards and following since April as the Ubuntu family initiative, the construction kicked off in June and has been finally completed. 


Photo Courtesy of the Water Project 



Africa :
Child Education and Family Support

March 2020 

As the Ubuntu family initiative and with the help of the Giraffe children charity, we are overjoyed to introduce you to Amisa, 

Amisa lives in the Kibera slums in Nairobi with her mother and four siblings; she is six years old, and in grade 2, she is eager to learn loves to draw and read. 

As a family, we have been granted the sponsorship of this beautiful little girl. We aim to follow her education closely in the Nairobi green passage primary school, support her mother and look forward to meeting her in August. 


Africa :
Wildlife Conservation -
December 2019

The best part of giving or receiving a gift is the moment of an actual exchange; it's a Joyous moment but a fleeting one. No matter how deep the thought and intention behind the gift is, it will inevitably lose some of its charges. Unless, that is, the gift impacts beyond the giver and receiver.

A gift that keeps on giving is an elephant adoption, where donations go towards helping to hand-raise orphan baby elephants, so that they can return to the wild when they are grown. As the Ubuntu Family Initiative we have chosen to adopt two orphan elephants through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, named Roho and Kinyei, both less than a year old and thriving in the care of the SWT’s Nairobi Nursery.

Image by Dmitrii Zhodzishskii

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash - Dmitrii Zhodzishskii



South East Asia:
Volunteering and Child Education

April 2019 

Take a hand, open a mind and hold a heart, give hope and share life.

As the Ubuntu family initiative and with the help of the Elma Trust, we have enjoyed spending time helping tutor English language classes, play and work on school projects in the Sambor village Elma Primary School. 


"Smiles" across South East Asia
April 2019 

Young Street Children support their families by working the streets, 

As the Ubuntu family initiative, our objective is to distribute basic need packages throughout Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand over three weeks, reaching those most in need.