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Welcome to the Ubuntu family initiative, a platform where we will share an account of our sustainable travels and charitable projects worldwide. We are here to encourage and help you combine your time and travels with philanthropic work. 

Join us as we travel the world to give back and explore different volunteer organisations!

About Natalie, 

The CCO of 175-year-old family shipping business and founder of the Ubuntu family initiative - a platform for young adults and charitable contributions, which currently sponsors the education and works towards various food, shelter and healthcare programs for marginalised children as well as environmental and conservation projects.

Speaking five languages and travelling for the more significant part of her childhood, whilst a student of linguistics and business studies at University College London, Natalie, joined the University Royal Navy Unit as a Training Officer where she developed a broader perspective of maritime education and training, as well as her leadership and command skills over the adventurous training weekends, challenging activities and summer deployments at sea.


At the end of her undergraduate studies, she left the URNU after four years, equipped with the skills, confidence and leading-edge for her path ahead. 


Her multicultural background and early exposure to new places with her driven sense for an adventure set her off with a "Round the world ticket" ahead of graduate school, circumnavigating 17 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific and North America, developing her practical capabilities and resourcefulness whilst volunteering on various cultural projects along the way. She ended her trip on a limited budget in 120 days hosted by a total of 20 or more YHA's, an organisation recognised by UNESCO for its sustainable ethics and encouragement in young people of all nations for more excellent knowledge and appreciation of cultural values as well as environmental conservation.


She continued to travel throughout her graduate studies, spending time in Russia and Japan whilst taking particular interest in the impact of cultural diversities on organisational behaviour, which only further inspired her to merge her passion for culture and discovery with her desire to further build into her family's regional business the sense of diversity and inclusion whilst utilise her cross-cultural communication abilities to develop a purpose-driven platform for change of her own. 

Whilst she continues to work in her family business, she has taken on the duties of the corporate social purpose elements looking to operate in ways that enhance rather than degrade society and the environment.

Determined to provide a similar experience to her children, making them more empathetic toward cultural differences and those less fortunate, whilst helping them adapt to the ever-changing global situations of today, she has similarly continued in her philanthropic endeavours with the active contribution of her children, and wishes to service her know-how by helping connect future generations interested in social projects with community-based organisations.



A Traveller and thinker with a deep passion for the

natural sciences , conscientious, motivated and visionary, this is Timotea's story in her pursuit to advocate for humanitarian and  environmental causes through her leadership, fundraising and volunteering activities.


To know more about her work please,


Portraits By Olivia B. Beard 


An everyday creative, performer and bookworm,

open, curious, proactive and generous, this is Olivia's story of stepping out of her comfort zone by contributing to the education of her peers through the means of her own passions to the wonder of music, art and book reading. 

To know more about her work please,

A Story of Giving

A Poem for a future generation
 of philanthropists -  this book is a kind reminder for a better world.


Book Reviews

'The Story of Giving; The Ubuntu Family Initiative speaks from the heart and inspires meaningful creativity and connection in amplifying kindness, spirit, and harmony. In sharing the book together, my daughter and I are inspired to embark on our unique creative way to make an impact for the greater good!"

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